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Oct 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
, please go to our website at tionforall. mexico's sierra madre oriental mountain range spans some 1,000 kilometers along the country's northeast. when you look a close, you can see what makes it so special. the chain of mountains is impressive because of its abundant biodiversity with endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. reason enough to put the area under special protection. the good will has long been there, but the government was lacking the means to patrol the area. rangers are trying a new approach together with germany's giz development agency. rather than trying to keep the farmers out, they work with them to find eco-friendly ways of working the land. >> imagine living in the middle of a protected nature reserve. for gilberto jiminez and his two friends, that is reality. the vast sierra madre oriental mountain range in northeastern mexico is their home. on the way to their fields, they passed the stream. it supplies water to the entire village. but over the years, the farmers have observed unsettling changes. >> the climate keeps cha
Oct 5, 2012 3:30am PDT
take you down here into the sierra madre. i was following routes all over for the house of rain, trying to figure out where the anastazi went when they left house of rain. many of them made the modern pueblos but other groups continued south. i followed pottery trails down into the sierra madre where my wife and two others went out and we came to these cliff dwellings. it seemed like every single cave we looked into had cliff dwellings. and this wasn't a place with trails. this wasn't a known location. many of these sites were pristine. they were just -- it looked as if people had just left suddenly, just like all the stories in here. little cliff dwellings, little granaries, little sites falling apart. larger sites. this site went actually 5 layers deep into this cave. very particular to this region were these shaped storage rooms. this one is about 10 feet high. often they would have door stones sealing them on the top. and they were of all kinds of shapes and sizes, but they specific to that area. that's the smallest one we found. and then this is the largest one, about 15 fe
Oct 26, 2012 3:30am PDT
utah, down into the hopi mesa, across the mugion rim, to mexico and then into the sierra madre, following people, following routes. because everything in the desert leaves a route that leads you somewhere. everything out there is a story. and that's what i'm following, these stories, looking for ways, looking for grains of sand out of place, looking for stories out in the middle of nowhere. i can open this up for questions if anybody has any questions. . >> i was wondering if they had any sort of metal or did they use hardened rocks of some sort to shape their stones? . >> most of what they did was stone. metallurgy was just starting to move up into northern chijuajua at that time and they were working with copper. that was just ornamental, so there was no metal going on at all other than imported bells. >> and the shells, they went down to cortez -- not lake -- the cortez sea to get, was that mostly hard or brittle? . >> it was hard but not tool hard. the colorado plateau is covered with chert, a glassy rock that is really really good for making tools, making very sharp edges. you find t
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm PDT
adolescente sierra lamar, pero segun su madre, no estan con los animos de celebrar. take vo ---sierra desaparecio hace 6 meses, el pasado 16 de marzo cuando se dirigia a la preparatoria de morgan hill donde estudiaba. ---aunque la busqueda oficial ya concluyo, cada sabado, decenas de voluntarios se reunen para salir a peinar alrededor de morgan hill para intentar encontrar alguna pista sobre su paradero. ---la policia detuvo a antolin garcia-torres y lo acusa de secuestrar y dar muerte a la menor. topvo blanca ---la fiscalia concluyo hoy la presentacion de su caso en contra de giselle esteban, acusada de asesinar a la estudiante de enfermeria michelle le, el aÑo pasado. ---durante los alegatos de clausura, el fiscal califico a esteban de socipata y pidio a los miembros del jurado condenarla por asesinato. ---durante el juicio, se presento una grabacion hecha por el novio de esteban, en el que esta lo amenaza de matarlo y a "le" por presuntament e mentirle sobre una relacion entre ambos. cu --una acalorada batalla en la corte, hizo que hoy se revelaran miles de documentos de la organi
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)